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Protecting Federal Benefits

  • In recent years, Congress has used the federal retirement program to help close the deficit, by increasing required FERS retirement contributions for all new hires.

  • Further, recent administration and congressional proposals have advanced to cut retirement benefits, including eliminating the FERS supplement, moving from a high 3 to high 5 formula, eliminating COLAs, eroding the Thrift Savings Plan’s (TSP) G Fund, and even eliminating the defined benefit pension entirely, as well as altering the formulas and structure of FEHBP, the health insurance program.

  • Unlike many state retirement systems, FERS is fully funded and financially sound with no unfunded liability.  

  • Federal employees and retirees are already experiencing increasing FEHBP plan premiums and rising copays, coinsurance, and other out-of-pocket costs.

  • Ask Members to oppose further federal retirement reductions, and to support, H.R. 3269, to roll-back the increased contributions for new hires.  

  • Ask Members to oppose efforts to shift additional costs to FEHBP enrollees.    

  • Urge Members to support H.R. 1022 and S. 362, legislation to adopt a modest, government-wide paid parental leave program.

  • Ask legislators to voice support for continued telework options for federal employees.

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