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The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) is known for it's loyalty, determination, integrity, and is well-respected for it's knowledge of federal employee issues.  NTEU as a whole represents over 150,000 bargaining unit employees in 31 federal agencies and departments.

NTEU Chapter 20 became chartered in October of 1941 under what was then called National Association of Employees of Collectors of the Internal Revenue (NAECIR).  NAECIR demished and in 1973, NTEU was formed with 13,000 members.  NTEU adopted our existing charter on January 1, 1998.  


Chapter 20 represents employees from Oakland, San Francisco, & San Mateo.

2018 NTEU National Legislative Priorities

Our Servuces
Protecting Federal Benefits

In recent years, Congress has used the federal retirement program to help close the deficit, by increasing required FERS retirement contributions for all new hires...

Safeguarding Workplace Fairness

Ask House offices to oppose H.R. 559 and H.R. 3257, bills that weaken due process rights and penalize frontline employees for unfair management practices...

Securing Fair Pay

Private-sector wages have increased 10.4% on average over the last five years, compared to an overall increase of 6.9% for federal workers in this same time period...

Fair Treatment

Due process and collective bargaining rights ensure safe, transparent, and fair agency workplaces that prevent a politicized civil service, and safeguard whistleblower protections...

Achieving Agency Missions

Agencies need sufficient, long-term funding for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2018 and for 2019 to meet their missions for the public, and relief from sequestration...

Preserving Health Care Benefits

Federal employees and retirees are already experiencing increasing FEHBP plan premiums and rising copays, coinsurance, and other out-of-pocket costs...

Hard Working CSR

“Nothing my manager told me made sense why my rating went down. I fought and fought but never got anywhere...not until I got help from my Union. I went from a 4.0 rating to a 5.0!!!!! Thanks NTEU.”



Not a member? Ready to join?

NTEU members are backed by the collective strength of a union that fights to protect and advance your workplace rights and offers exclusive discounts to products and services.

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